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Do you want to travel abroad?

Then do not waste time with ‘’Connection Men’’. Obtain a visa and legally live abroad.
Gidenz Prestige Limited is your choice.
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Do you want to obtain full scholarship abroad?

Then this is your time. Gidenz provides you with the assistance to obtain fully funded scholarship abroad.

Are you a Nurse who wants to work abroad but tired of writing IELTS?

Then Gidenz is your solution. Travel and Work in the UK without IELTS with Gidenz Prestige.
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Are you interested in working abroad?

Obtain work permit to legally work abroad. Contact Gidenz now.
gidenz prestige travel abroad

Services we offer

Together with our sister company in the UK,

Gidenz Prestige Limited, provides you with assistance once you are abroad to enable you settle and live a comfortable live.

Gidenz Prestige Travel Abroad with ease

Tour & Business Visits

Explore the world with us. Elevate your travel experience with our tour and business visit services.

Scholarship Abroad

Your Gateway to scholarship abroad. Our experts will help you secure Your scholarship abroad today.


Gidenz Prestige will help you experience luxury living abroad. Live abroad in style with us.

Work Abroad

Find your dream job abroad with Gidenz Prestige. Your ticket to a fulfilling career overseas.

Study Abroad

Study abroad made easy. Achieve your dream of studying abroad with Gidenz Prestige.

VISA Refusal Appeal

Do you feel like you were unfairly denied VISA? Don’t let a VISA denial hold you back – let us help you.

Who we are

Gidenz Prestige is a renowned international agency that is specialized in travel abroad programs which includes work, study on scholarship, visit and obtaining settlement (citizenship).

We currently assists individuals and families who desire to travel, work, study and settle in UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, Austria, China, Japan, and many other European and Asian Countries.
Our team is comprised of seasoned Immigration Lawyers, Educational professionals, Doctors, and Business analyst in the UK and Ghana.

gidenz prestige travel abroad
gidenz prestige travel abroad
gidenz prestige travel abroad

Do you think you are eligible for scholarship?

Scholarship can be full, part or fellowships. Full scholarships cater for full fees for the program and monthly allowance or stipend until the duration of the program. Part scholarships cater for part of the program from 10% to 100% and normally does not include maintenance or monthly allowance.
Check your eligibility by clicking on the appropriate button below
Gidenz Prestige Travel abroad with ease!


Studying abroad is one of the best things I have done so far. It made me more independent, taught me to learn from challenges, and helped me go from the shy to an outgoing person. Thanks to Gidenz Prestige for making this a reality for me.

Johnson Quartey

Sudent, University of Ghana

I’m glad I met the team at Gidenz Prestige. Experiencing other cultures around the world broadens your knowledge base and teaches you to think and live differently. It is so important, today, to have a solid understanding of different cultures, and I think sending students abroad is an easy way to set up our generation to be a more globally-minded society.

Mawuli Quarshie

Operations Manager, ATF Consult

In my opinion, living abroad is a life lesson, a chance to test your limits, enrich your experience, and expand your knowledge through a totally different history and culture. I’m a 22-year-old Ghanaian student. I’m currently in Germany doing my Masters. It was a smooth transition during my experience with the best company in Ghana, Gidenz Prestige.

Abena Korankye-Bosu

Student, KNUST, Kumasi

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