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Work Abroad

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We provide comprehensive support to individuals seeking employment opportunities overseas.

The program includes job search assistance, work permit and visa assistance, pre-departure support, post-arrival support, and career development support.

Our experienced professionals guide clients through the entire process, from identifying job opportunities to obtaining work permits and visas.

Here’s how the Work Abroad program works:

Job Search Assistance:
We assist clients in identifying job opportunities that match their qualifications and career goals. The company conducts extensive research to identify job openings that align with the client’s skills and experience, while providing guidance on how to tailor resumes and cover letters to meet the requirements of the job openings.

Work Permit and Visa Assistance:
We provide assistance with obtaining work permits and visas required to work overseas. The company guides clients through the entire process, ensuring that all the necessary documentation is in place and that the application is completed accurately and submitted on time. We also offer advice on the visa application process and what to expect during the application process.

Pre-Departure Support:
We provide pre-departure support to clients, including travel planning, accommodation arrangements, and orientation. We ensure that clients have a smooth transition to their new work location by providing personalized support.

Post-Arrival Support:
We offer post-arrival support to clients to ensure that they have a smooth transition to their new work environment. We provide guidance on navigating the new work environment, adjusting to the new culture, and understanding the local laws and customs. We also offers support with finding accommodation, obtaining local services, and accessing local resources.

Career Development Support:
Gidenz Prestige Limited provides career development support to clients to help them achieve their career goals. We provide guidance on career advancement opportunities, professional development programs, and job training programs. We also offer support with resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, and networking.

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